The Columbia Sportswear’s footwear product creation team has asked me to lead a hike for them. They are flying down from Portland to get some consumer insights and to better understand what someone might be looking for in an urban hike where they might go out for lunch afterward. Come to the hike with an open mind as they will be asking some of you questions about what goes into picking what you wear on certain hikes.

We’ll be doing the Eagle Rock — Musch Loop in a counter-clockwise direction.

We’ll start outside of Trippet Ranch on a neighborhood trail connecting us to the East Topanga Fireroad.  As we head up a grassy ridge and connect with Eagle Springs Fire Road  expansive views of the Santa Monica Mountains, Santa Ynez Canyon and a slice of the Pacific  Ocean will begin to emerge. Soon the  looming Eagle Rock comes into view

Eagle Rock, the most impressive landmark in all of Topanga State Park, will afford us an airy perch overlooking the upper watershed of Santa Ynez Canyon and the ocean beyond. We will eat, drink and explore on this impressive sandstone rock covered with crevices and caves. Here are some pics of the rock from previous hikes (click to enlarge):


On our return trip we’ll descend along the twists and turns of the Musch Trail and through sun-baked, fragrant chaparral. After passing the trail-side Musch Campground, we’ll find ourselves contouring around a couple of ravines under the shade of oak and laurel trees, until the Musch Meadows open before us. After crossing the meadow we will hook up with the Backbone Trail which leads us to the final segment of the hike on the 92 Trail, and our cars.

Here are some pics along the Musch Trail from previous hikes (click to enlarge):


Post hike lunch down the street at Canyon Bistro (120 N. Topanga Canyon Bl.)

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Directions to Trail Head

From Topanga Canyon Boulevard, turn east on Entrada Road; that’s to the left if you are coming from the San Fernando Valley. Follow Entrada Road by turning left at every opportunity until you arrive at Topanga State Park.

Park on street before the left turn into park. We will meet on the corner

Los Toros in Chatsworth WAS a regular post-hike lunch venue for our group’s Chatsworth hikes. For the last few years its been one to avoid, Gordon Ramsay agrees…

From TV Guide – Gordon Ramsay’s “Hell On Wheels” travels to Los Toros, a decades-old Mexican restaurant located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. After intense investigation and surveillance, Chef Ramsay and his team discover an over-worked owner, buried in astronomical debt that’s taking tolls on his health. Ramsay will try to bring this failing restaurant back from the brink of disaster—all in just 24 hours.

Here is a preview

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Gordon Ramsay at Los Toros in Chatsworth

Airdate: Wednesday 20 February 2019 at 8.00pm on FOX.

Season 2, Episode 8